Dr. Lorraine Guth, IUP professor

Award-Winning Educators Inspire International Excellence

All counseling faculty members have arrived at IUP with exceptional professional credentials. Nearly half continue to operate a private practice or consult with county and state agencies. These unique educators also contribute to international initiatives that improve lives around the world in countries such as Indonesia, Malawi, Bhutan, and the Republic of Georgia.

  • Leadership at the state and national level distinguishes the IUP faculty. Twice our faculty have received the Pennsylvania Counseling Association's Outstanding Counselor Education Preparation award. This honor recognizes the professional productivity and scholarship of the IUP faculty.
  • Professors have initiated many grant-supported programs that allow graduate students to apply their skills in the community.
  • Clinical supervision by faculty is second to none in assessing your strengths and skills.
  • Publishing is another indication of faculty skill and engagement. Our professors grow with the times.