Why was I called as a witness for a hearing?

Either you have stated that you were a witness or someone involved with the incident (referring party, the accused student, police officer, etc.) has indicated that you have direct knowledge pertaining to the case. If you feel you have no information to provide, contact the person who named you as a witness as noted in your hearing notification letter to discuss your concerns.

As a witness, do I have to appear at the hearing?

No. Your presence and participation are appreciated and helpful for the university to make an informed decision in the case. However, you have the right to not appear.

As a witness, who will be present when I speak at the hearing?

IUP disciplinary proceedings are closed to the public. Only those directly related to the resolution of the case will be present at the hearing. This includes the referring party, the accused students, any advisors, any witnesses, and the hearing body.

Is a university hearing like a court hearing?

No. A university hearing is less formal, and you will not be sworn in as in a court hearing. In this hearing, you will be asked to tell what you saw or heard truthfully and to the best of your ability to remember.

How long will the hearing last?

The length of a hearing depends on several factors such as complexity of the case, number of questions, and the number of people involved. We recommend that you bring something to do during the time you are waiting.

Do I have to answer all the questions at a hearing?

As a witness, you should be honest in answering all questions. If there is a reason that you do not want to respond to a particular question, discuss the issue with the chairperson/hearing officer.

What if I lose the hearing notice?

Contact the Office of Student Support and Community Standards (724-357-1254), or stop by Ruddock Hall, Suite G37. Someone in the office will be able to give you the time, date, and location of the hearing.

What should I do if I am harassed by someone about the hearing?

If you are harassed or threatened at any time, contact the University Police (724-357-2141) immediately for assistance.

How can I get involved in the student disciplinary in a positive manner?

If you do not have a disciplinary record, you may get involved with the disciplinary process at IUP by becoming a member of the hearing board. Contact the Office of Student Support and Community Standards for more information.