Responses apply to university disciplinary proceedings only. Questions regarding charges in civil or criminal court should be addressed to the district judge, borough police, or student legal services.

Do I have to attend the hearing?

As a complainant in a disciplinary case, you have the right to decide whether to appear at a hearing. Your presence and participation can help the hearing body gather more information, but you are not required to attend or participate in any hearing at the university.

What will the hearing be like?

The hearing officer will facilitate the entire hearing, ensuring due process, and ensuring everyone present has ample time to share information, ask questions, consider evidence, and make appropriate decisions. For a more thorough description of the hearing process, please contact the Office of Student Support and Community Standards at 724-357-1254, and someone will be happy to walk you through the process.

Can I have an advisor with me throughout the hearing?

Yes. You may have an advisor with you at a hearing to provide support. An advisor may be any individual you choose, including, but not limited to, a friend, student, IUP administrator, family member, or attorney. Your advisor may consult and interact privately with you during the proceedings. The advisor is not permitted to represent you. If the advisor does not act within the limitations as outlined, the hearing officer will request that your advisor comply or be removed from the hearing. Only one advisor is permitted per student.

Will I be told the outcome of the hearing?

Only complainants in cases involving allegations of violations of the Sexual Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct Policy will be notified of the outcome of the hearing. Complainants in these cases are notified at the same time as respondents.

Do I have the right to appeal the hearing decision?

Only complainants in cases involving alleged violations of the IUP Sexual Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct policy have the right to appeal an outcome. If you would like to appeal a decision, there are three possible reasons for appeal.

  • First: there was a procedural error that likely impacted the hearing outcome.
  • Second: there is new information which could not legitimately be presented at the original hearing.
  • Third: the sanctions imposed are arbitrary and capricious.

All appeals must be submitted to the Office of Student Support and Community Standards within five (5) calendar days as determined by the date of the decision letter by using the form on the IUP Student Support and Community Standards website. Please understand there is no guarantee that you will speak with the person reviewing your appeal. It is important that you include everything you wish to convey in your written appeal. 

What should I do if the accused student or witnesses threaten me before or after the hearing?

If you are harassed or threatened at any time, contact the University Police immediately at 724-357-2141 for assistance.

Can I file criminal charges against the accused student?

Yes. Contact University Police or Borough Police immediately for assistance.

What campus/community resources exist to provide support to me?

You can contact the Counseling Center at 724-357-2621, or, in the Indiana community, the Alice Paul House at 724-349-4444 (hotline answers 24 hours a day). Complainants are also encouraged to contact the Haven Project at 724-357-3947. The Office of Social Equity may provide you with more resources as well. Contact them at 724-357-3402.