Internships and Practicums

  • The Internship Program

    Many students have found that the internship experience is one of the most important parts of their IUP education. Department faculty members are committed to making the internship a priority. Indeed, an internship is required.

    An internship is an opportunity for juniors and seniors to work in their field of choice while receiving university credit. Students can receive six, nine, or twelve credits for an internship and may either find their own sites or choose from many resources identified by the department. Students have found internships at radio and TV stations, magazines, graphic design firms, promotion agencies, training departments of private corporations and hospitals, and many more sites. Students typically intern in Pennsylvania, Virginia, and the Washington, D.C. area.

    For more information, visit the department’s internship page.


    Another significant opportunity for students in Communications Media is the practicum. Students have found the practicum experience to be a wonderful way to gain professional experience.

    Practicums offer students the opportunity to work with professors on university and private projects such as the production of brochures, promotional videos, and computerized training modules. Students may contribute to projects on either a volunteer or credited basis. Credits are awarded through the practicum program. Practicum opportunities also include work at campus-related facilities and offices such as IUP-TV, WIUP-FM, the Penn, Media RelationsAdmissions, and Media Resources.