Dr. Steigler and PhD students Smaller class sizes give you the chance to get to know your professors, making them great resources for networking and letters of reference. Above, Professor Zachary Stiegler (left) talks with PhD students.

Become a Leading Voice Where Technology and Communications Merge

Earning a doctoral degree in Media and Communication Studies will prepare you for a wide range of career options. With your advanced skills and education, you will become a leader and a teacher in the many areas where the profession is engaged.

Explore your professional options:

  • Professorships at universities, colleges, and community colleges in a wide range of disciplines
  • Trainers, analysts, and executives in government, business, and industry
  • Producers of traditional media, new media, and multimedia products
  • Managers, analysts, consultants, and message developers in the many areas of media and communications. This includes traditional and new media as well as health, political, and organizational communication