Communications Media and Instructional Technology, PhD

  • Communications Media and Instructional Technology, PhD

    Flexible Degree Prepares You for Professorship, Professional Leadership

    The doctoral program in communications media and instructional technology at IUP offers working professionals the flexibility they need to reach their goals to a range of areas:

    • Full professorship at the university level
    • Leadership of your institution’s instructional technology program
    • Corporate communications and training
    • Media production and management
    • Health and political communications
    • Administrative careers in higher education

    Flexible Format

    Designed for both full- or part-time students, the program offers a mix of options that enables students to fully participate in the cohort model. The program is offered in a weekend-based format with class meetings six times a semester. The program offers both full- and part-time options. This mix provides the supportive environment of a cohort model for all students while allowing a wider range of interactions with other students in the program.

    • Full-time students take approximately three courses per semester (including summers), completing coursework in about two years.
    • Part-time students typically take two courses per semester (including summers) and complete coursework in three years.
    • Students may make arrangements, in special circumstances, to adjust their course load or take an alternative load that does not match the full- or part-time cohort model.

    Immerse Yourself in Hands-on Learning Opportunities

    What truly differentiates this doctoral program from others like it is our emphasis on practical, hands-on experience. Students benefit not only from advanced academic and applied research, but also immerse themselves in technology and production. The CMIT Ph.D. program provides the extensive experience in technology planning and implementation needed to advance your communications career.

    Gain Skills You’ll Need in Our Communications Media and Instructional Technology Program

    The doctoral program provides instruction in communication theory, quantitative and qualitative research, and content production. You’ll also be able to choose from electives in areas such as communication pedagogy, crisis communication, children in media, corporate communication, and media criticism.

    By completing the program, your skill set will include:

    • Conducting original research in the communication field
    • Applying media to instructional and persuasive goals.
    • Developing emerging technologies.
    • Evaluating media ethics and how they apply to communications campaigns.
    • Optimizing media for the education of children and adults.
    • Designing instructional systems.
    • Producing video, audio, multimedia, games, simulations, and digital imagery.
    • Planning budgets and script media productions.
    • Developing online media productions.