Dr. Villemain with students in Chemistry lab WORK CLOSELY WITH YOUR PROFESSORS - Students work in a lab with help from Professor Jana Villemain, who has received funding for research on the measurement of energy transfer between fluorescent protein residues.

Experience the Amazing Chemistry Between Faculty and Students

Our 20 chemistry faculty come from across the United States and world, have enjoyed careers in academia and industry, and combine a breadth of tradition with new and emerging concepts in the classroom.

  • Our professors have won more than $1 million in grant funding for research projects.
  • Faculty members have been published regularly in more than 30 scientific publications.
  • As research specialists, our professors engage students as assistants, providing the opportunity to be published and recognized early in their careers.
  • Student/faculty collaboration provides the key to student success beyond the classroom, and lays the foundation for future achievements.
Rebecca Erwin, alumna

FACULTY BELIEVE IN STUDENT POTENTIAL - Rebecca Erwin '12, now a lab analyst for Environmental Service Laboratories in Indiana, Pa., said, "My advisor, Professor John Woolcock, gave me my first work study experience at IUP. He saw something in me that I didn't even see myself my first semester as a college student, and he chose me to develop and perform a series of forensic science experiments for some of his classes."