Applied Chemistry

A professor and student work in a lab

Add a Second Major in Another Science or Career Field

Our Applied Chemistry pathway gives you options. In this track, you'll graduate with a degree in chemistry as well as a minor or second major in an additional field, all within a four-year schedule of classes.

We offer a broad range of minors in addition to double-majors. You can expand your resume by choosing an area such as biology, geology, food and nutrition, business, criminology, foreign languages, or safety, health, and environmental sciences, among other options. Your advisor can help you choose the minor or double-major that will best prepare you.

A specialized pre-law concentration that includes a selection of philosophy and political science courses is available to students in this track.

Combine Chemistry with Other Interests

This track is also ideal if you want a degree in chemistry but are very interested in another field that may not seem closely related such as theater, women's and gender studies, music, art, or Latin American Studies.

You'll be able to gain a solid, rigorous education in chemistry, explore your other interest with a variety of classes, and still follow a course schedule that lets you graduate in four years.

In addition to your major classes in chemistry and your minor classes in the area you choose, your schedule will also include physics courses necessary for your chemistry education and a well-rounded selection of liberal arts courses.