Gain the Edge on Medical School Applications with a Chemistry or Biochemistry Degree

The two most important factor medical school admission boards look for is a high grade point average and high MCAT score. Any major can apply for medical school as long as the necessary prerequisite courses are taken, but it is no secret that some majors are better at preparing you for the critical thinking skills needed for a high score on the MCAT. Physical sciences, such as chemistry, biochemistry, and physics, have the highest acceptance rate among majors applying for medical school acceptance.

Average 2021 Student Achievements for those Accepted to Medical Schools1

Mean GPA Average MCAT Score
Major Acceptance Rate All Applicants Accepted All Applicants Accepted
Physical Sciences 47.7% 3.62 3.73 509 513
Math and Statistics 47.3% 3.62 3.72 510 515
Biological Sciences 40.6% 3.58 3.73 506 511
Specialized Health Sciences 36.7% 3.57 3.74 503 510

With our small class sizes and faculty support, IUP is a perfect university to prepare for your future medical school degree. Medical schools will almost always take a student from a small college with a high GPA over a student from an Ivy League with a low GPA.

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