Students in a lab with a professor SMALL CLASSES HELP YOU REACH YOUR GOALS - In the Pre-Medical Track, you'll benefit from small classes, getting to know your professors as you take all of the courses required for entrance into medical school.

Learn more about the Pre-Medical Program in Chemistry, including course information and how to apply.

Prepare For Success in the Medical Field

By pursuing the pre-medical track within the chemistry major, you'll have an education needed to prepare for medical school while keeping your options open to pursue graduate education.

This track provides you with the natural science and humanities courses that make students attractive applicants to medical schools and related programs. This program consists of a sequence of additional, primarily Biology courses to the main curriculum, allowing you to satisfy the requirements for both medical and graduate schools.

Our American Chemical Society-accredited education emphasizes problem-solving and laboratory skills and encourages students to become active in research starting their freshman year. You will receive thorough chemical training and learn how to apply your chemistry knowledge to solve problems in health care and many other career fields.

IUP's chemistry faculty, 14 full-time, doctorally trained faculty members, has expertise in a wide range of chemical specialties.