Support the Department

Dear Alumni,

The generous support of our donors provides our students and faculty with the resources to take part in a variety of activities that would otherwise be impossible.

Scholarships, special lectures, and support for student and faculty research projects enhance the academic mission of the department and strongly impact the IUP student experience. This support is a vital component that can have lasting effects on our ability to successfully meet our mission goals.

Many companies match contributions; helping to double and even triple your contributions. Please take a few minutes and consider making an investment in the department. Donations to the Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physics, and Engineering Department can be made through Support IUP. Please indicate the correct code for directing your funds.

There are several ways you can help:


Ronald L. Marks Scholarship

Fund number 0254

Dr. Ronald L. Marks was a faculty member with the Department of Chemistry. Colleagues, friends and family established this fund in 1986 to honor his many accomplishments as an educator and scientist.

William and Audrey Madia Scholarship

Fund number 0479

Dr. William Juul Madia, an IUP Chemistry major received a BS degree in 1969 and an MA in 1971. He further his education at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Dr. Madia is currently chairman of the Board of Overseers and vice president for the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory at Stanford University. He is also president of Madia & Associates, LLC, an energy consulting firm serving the needs of government, industry, and academia. Mrs. Audrey D. Madia received a Bachelor of Science in Education, Home Economics from IUP in 1970 and has enjoyed a career in interior design.

Because of their appreciation for the education they received at IUP, Dr. and Mrs. Madia established this scholarship fund to support students majoring in Chemistry and Physics.

Maria Markovich '74 and Gregory Shutske Chemistry Scholarship

Fund number 0577

Maria Markovich and Gregory Shutske have had rewarding careers in the field of Chemistry, having worked in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Both were beneficiaries of scholarships that facilitated their university educations. They remain grateful for the financial assistance, as well as the encouragement it provided. Their endowment is made in the spirit of "paying it forward."

Edward N. Brown Memorial Scholarship

Fund number 0194

Mr. Brown joined the faculty in the Science Department at IUP in 1956. The scholarship was established in 1984 and is given to a student who best exemplifies the characteristics which represented Mr. Brown's life: Achievement, Attitude, and Character.

Department Specific Programs and Research Funds:

Alumni Research Fund

Fund number 0560

This fund supports the research and professional development of faculty and students in the Madia Department of Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physics and Engineering.

Department Awards

Fund number 4431

This fund provides monetary awards to students in the department who have achieved outstanding academic records during the previous year.

Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physics, and Engineering Department General Fund

Fund number 4430

This is a multipurpose fund that supports department activities such as lab supplies, chemicals, equipment, honoraria for guests, student scholarships, and departmental events.

Organic Methodology Fund

Fund number 4685

The organic methodology fund helps pay for specialized equipment and materials for students conducting research in the organic field. Funds may also be used to send student to regional and national meeting to present their research findings.

Studies in Computational Chemistry Fund

Fund number 4665

This fund supports all facets of research related to Computational Chemistry (including supplies, equipment and travel expenses).

X-RayResearch Fund

Fund number 228489

Procurement of supplies and equipment for the xray facility. Used for educational activities and workshops supporting crystallographic activities.