This 33-credit program is structured to address the educational needs of several types of graduate students who enter and proceed through the program. The integrated curriculum is designed to prepare individuals to assume an administrative role at a career and technical center (CTC) where they are responsible for long-range planning, promoting community involvement, providing for sound business and financial management, and providing facilities and state-of-the-art equipment.

The Pennsylvania Department of Education requires that all individuals who are employed as a director in a state-approved CTE hold a state-issued administrator certificate. IUP is the approved provider for administrator certification in western Pennsylvania and offers the program you need to become a certified career and technical education administrator. Completion of this program will provide endorsement for both Pennsylvania certification as a career and technical administrator and the master's credential.

Program Requirements

The MEd in Career and Technical Administration is based on standards established by PDE and prepares individuals to assume the role of institutional leader. It is offered in a blended format with most of the instruction completed online and utilizing video conferencing, allowing for flexibility for professionals seeking a master's degree.

The program includes 500 hours of authentic simulation and field or internship experiences which are embedded throughout the VOED courses. This requires students to work closely with a CTC administrator to complete the experiences or course assignments in a real-life setting. This approach allows students to gain valuable field experience every step of the way, all while learning the related theory. This program is designed to be completed in approximately two years when continuously enrolled and completion of all classes with a 3.0 GPA is required.

Course Requirements

MEDU Core Classes (15 credits)

  • MEDU 761 - Connecting Community and School - 3cr

  • MEDU 762- Teaching Academically Diverse Learners - 3cr

  • MEDU 763- Educational Research and Practical Application - 3cr

  • MEDU 764- Educational Technology for Today and Tomorrow - 3cr

  • MEDU 765- Curriculum, Assessment, and Reflection - 3cr

Career and Technical Administrative Education Courses (18 credits)

  • VOED 610- Personnel and Student Management in Career and Technical Education - 3cr

  • VOED 611- School Code and Policy in Career and Technical Education - 3cr

  • VOED 612- Fiscal Responsibilities and Financial Oversight in Career and Technical Education - 3cr

  • VOED 613- School Law and Legal Responsibilities in Career and Technical Education - 3cr

  • VOED 614- Curriculum Development and Analysis in Career and Technical Education - 3cr

  • VOED 615- Administrative Leadership in Career and Technical Education - 3cr

Total: 33 credits

For details about these courses, visit the Graduate Catalog.


For Career and Technical Administrative Director certification, students are required to successfully complete the Praxis: School Leadership Licensure Assessment/SLLA. Visit ETS for additional information.

Program Completion and Certification

The Pennsylvania Department of Education will issue the Career and Technical Administrative Certificate to students who have a bachelor's degree, have a minimum of three years of relevant professional experience in an educational setting that is related to the instructional process, have completed the approved program of graduate study, and have presented evidence of satisfactory achievement on the Praxis: School Leadership Licensure Assessment.


Individuals seeking admission to the program should go to the IUP School of Graduate Studies and Research. In addition to the requirements listed (application, goal statement, letters of recommendation, transcripts), you will also be required to submit:

  1. A letter of recommendation from a career and technical administrative director indicating a willingness to sponsor the candidate to complete field experiences.

  2. A personal résumé indicating at least three years of relevant professional experience related to the instructional process in a career and technical education school. 

You must be accepted for enrollment by the School of Graduate Studies and Research and the Center for Career and Technical Personnel Preparation in order to begin the certification program.

Additional Information

The Master of Education in Career and Technical Administrative Program Handbook is an overview of the program and includes important information about admission, program objectives, program highlights, and university procedures.


Paula Andrei
Associate Director | Program Coordinator
Phone: 724-357-4433