Already know what your interest is? Look at these links of major- and interest-specific internship directories.

American Hospitality Academy

Internships specifically for students pursuing a career in the hospitality industry.

Big Data Internships and Employment Tips

An internship in big data can provide students with valuable computational experience and prepare them for a career in many different fields, whether in big data or related industries such as finance, marketing, banking, and retail.

Direct Marketing Association Job Bank

Listing of marketing-related internships by DMA's member organizations. On the "Field" pull-down menu, select "Student/Trainee/Intern."

ECO (Environmental Careers Organization)

Listing of more than 650 paid internships organized by region.

Feminist Campus Internship and Job Search

National Assembly of Health and Human Services Organizations

Includes more than 2,000 internships in agencies working with and on behalf of youth, as well as internship information with the National Assembly and its member organizations. Select "Internships and Jobs" on the left-hand navigation.