Majors in Biology

Biology Offers Expanding Options for Careers

Your study of living systems prepares you for a broad range of professional and educational paths such as working with environmental biology and conservation, teaching, exploring related medical fields, or continuing your education with graduate school. At IUP, you will be able to choose the path that resonates the most with your interests.

Biology, BS

  • Gain a deep grasp of the sciences and mathematics.
  • Automatically qualify for a minor in chemistry, which opens career doors in biology and chemistry.
  • Ideal if you plan to attend graduate school or a professional school such as those in human or veterinary medicine.

Pre-Medical and Pre-Veterinary, Biology, BS

  • Maximize your science and mathematics knowledge for post-graduate and career possibilities.
  • Prepare to become a doctor or veterinarian by following the stellar IUP coursework.
  • Qualify for a minor in chemistry and expand career possibilities in the areas of biology and chemistry.

Cell and Molecular Biology, Biology, BS

  • Embrace one of the world's fastest growing fields of study. Substantial job growth is expected in this area over the next decade, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • Build a foundation of knowledge in the molecular and genetic bases of cellular processes.
  • Deepen your understanding of molecular structures and how cellular life functions to develop living organisms.

Ecology, Conservation, and Environmental Biology, Biology, BS

  • Dive into the core knowledge needed for the mastery of Biology.
  • Enhance your expertise by selecting specific courses in ecological and environmental sciences.
  • Fulfill professional certification requirements for the Ecological Society of America (Certified Associate Ecologist) and/or the Wildlife Society (Certified Wildlife Biologist).

Environmental Health, Biology, BS

  • Emphasize your interest in environmental health by selecting from courses that focus on external human environmental factors - physical, chemical and biological - that impact health.
  • Engage other departments that provide analytical and problem-solving skills needed in this field of study.
  • Design a path to graduate studies or employment as an environmental specialist in various industries and government agencies.

Biology Education, BSEd

  • Develop the skills needed to prepare you to earn teaching certification for biology in junior high and high schools.
  • Participate in numerous hands-on class activities to master techniques for working with students.
  • Consult with science professors whose decades of classroom experience provide an excellent introduction to the challenges of being a sought-after science teacher.

Biology, BA

  • The program leading to the BA degree in Biology is designed to allow greater opportunity for free electives.
  • Liberate your career choices by using this degree to prepare for jobs in related fields that require a science background.
  • Pursue a double major or minor and enhance your biology resume when meeting with future employers. Choose among the sciences, or broaden to arts and language programs.

Biochemistry, BS

  • Our interdepartmental program smoothly integrates the disciplines of biology and chemistry.
  • Hands-on labs help you gain confidence with procedures needed in this field.

Honors Program in Biology

Designed to enrich the undergraduate education of qualified biology majors.

  • Take an honors seminar, one graduate-level course, and spend two semesters working on a research project that forms the basis of your honors thesis.
  • Participate in research with faculty members.
  • Designed for students considering careers in research and/or seeking admission to graduate or professional schools.

Minor in Biology

  • Improve your resume and enhance your employment options with a Biology minor degree.

Minor in Forensic Biosciences

  • Study the concepts and principles behind how biological techniques influence criminal investigations.

Minor in Biochemistry

  • Add this interdepartmental minor to diversify your credentials.