The Cooperative College program with the Duke University School of the Environment is designed to coordinate the undergraduate education of students at IUP with graduate programs in the areas of resources and environment offered at Duke.

Undergraduate majors in one of the natural sciences, mathematics, economics, business, or political science are suited to the program. Preparation for the Duke program should include at least one year each of biology with work in botany, economics with a significant component of microeconomics, and mathematics which should include calculus, computer science, and statistics. Applicants to the Duke program who have completed courses in ecology, chemistry, geology, physics, and a foreign language or additional courses in biology, economics, and mathematics will be given preferential consideration. Students are accepted in either of two degree programs at Duke: the Master of Forestry (M.F.) or Master of Environmental Management (M.E.M.).

Students may be accepted into the Duke graduate program after three years of high-quality undergraduate study at IUP or upon completion of the baccalaureate. Students who qualify after three years will have completed most of the undergraduate degree requirements at IUP except for total hours. Courses at Duke will be applied to the bachelor's degree at IUP.

Duke School of the Environment