Major and Minor Information for Asian Studies

STUDY LANGUAGES, CULTURE, POLITICS: “I think the strength of our Asian Studies program (is) the fact that we have so many different areas that you can go into . . . There is just so much that you can do with the major here,” said Meghan Lupole, Asian Studies student.

Explore the Growing Global Influence of China and the Middle East

In Analects, Confucius said, "To study, and in the fullness of time to use what one has learned, is this not happiness? When friends come from afar, is this not joy?"

The diversity of cultures will continue to shape world affairs in a profound way for decades to come. The key to the international kingdom goes to people like you who joyfully master the ability to understand and communicate with people throughout the world.

Our program emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach. You will be required to complement your Asian Studies degree with a minor or second major, and you must also demonstrate at least an intermediate level of proficiency in an Asian language.

BA in Asian Studies

  • Embrace the world's most populous and diverse continent, and then enjoy the ample rewards of domestic and international employment opportunities.
  • Excel in your preparation for a career in the growing areas of business and government.
  • Combine your Asian Studies degree with a minor or second major to exponentially expand your value to employers of all kinds. More than 10 fields of study are available, including anthropology, economics, fine arts, geography, history, international business, international studies, journalism, political science, or religious studies.
  • Be proficient in one of the Asian languages that the U.S. State Department says are critical to the future of America.

Minor in Asian Studies

  • Add depth to your liberal arts studies by expanding your knowledge of Asian cultures and peoples. A minor in this field can impress potential employers.
  • Prepare for graduate degrees that can take you to higher education or leadership positions in business and politics.

Asian Studies Honors Program

  • Students will complete at least 36 hours in Asian Studies and two semesters of honors thesis research and writing.
  • This program is particularly encouraged for students seeking admission to graduate or professional schools. Honors coursework is designated on university transcripts.
  • Honors theses are completed individually under the direction of an Asian Studies professor who specializes in the student's area of interest.

Certificates available in Middle Eastern Studies, China Studies, and Japan Studies

  • Flexible option for current students to potentially count some classes they're already taking towards a certificate, gaining a specialization in a specific area.
  • Other majors (such as journalism, political science, business, foreign languages, and ROTC) can gain new opportunities in the job market or graduate school.
  • Those not currently enrolled as a student can earn each as a stand-alone certificate with just five college classes (15 credits total).