Undergraduate Programs in Asian Studies

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Influence Politics and Business With Your Asian Studies Expertise

Expand your knowledge of the powerful nations and cultures that now have a profound impact on international politics and business. Your expertise in Asian Studies, which includes the Middle East, immediately differentiates you as someone whose worldview will be invaluable for years to come.

Why Asian Studies?

The importance of China, India, Japan, and Korea in world affairs continues to grow. The Middle East, also part of this course of study, commands the world stage, too. Employees who can bring insights and sensitivity to these influential cultures are needed in government, global agencies, and corporations.

The World Needs Asian Studies Majors

A fresh understanding of our nation's relationship to Asian people is essential for survival. Without the ability to communicate respectfully, global commerce and diplomacy will fail. In fact, the U.S. State Department considers Asian languages to be among the most important to learn. The future of America may very well be in the hands of students like you who are capable of bridging the cultural divide.

Expected Outcomes With an Undergraduate Degree in Asian Studies

Take command of your future by understanding the fascinating aspects of Asian and Middle Eastern culture. As the influence of the world's largest populous continues to grow, you'll be at the forefront of political, corporate, and diplomatic discourse. Take advantage of student travels to China or the Middle East, and deepen your grasp of how diverse people can collaborate and grow together.

  • Study overseas for a semester or a year. Although it is not required, spending time in Asia has provided IUP alumni with many exciting employment options.
  • The interdisciplinary nature of our Asian Studies program delivers a solid liberal arts education to your studies. Even businesses not directly connected to Asia will value the blend of your knowledge. 
  • The requirement to learn one Asian language adds depth and advantages to your launch into the workforce.
  • Asian studies are ideal if you are considering a double major in international studies, journalism, or business, to name a few. Your future is Asia, even if you remain stateside for the bulk of your career.

The IUP Difference

Unique Program. IUP offers the only Asian Studies program in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education. This distinction has allowed IUP to join the Pittsburgh Asian Consortium and collaborate with the schools that also enjoy membership.

Innovative Faculty.  In 2013, our professors created the first annual undergraduate Asian Studies Conference. The two-day event featured 27 student presenters from seven universities.