Courses in the Asian Studies Program

A student answers a question in class Students in the Asian Studies major benefit from an interdisciplinary set of course requirements.

Below is a list of Category A classes and language classes offered for the minor in Asian Studies. Consult the Undergraduate Catalog for updated information and full descriptions of Asian Studies courses.

Required Class

ASIA 200(W) Introduction to Asian Studies
(offered every spring)

This class focuses on the significance of interactions between Asian cultures. Students will be able to appreciate both the continuities that allow one to speak of Asia as a cohesive region (geographically, politically, economically, and culturally) and the very real differences that give the region its great variety. It also stresses an in-depth understanding of subtle transformations in meaning as goods, ideas, and practices migrate from one area within Asia to another. This is a writing-intensive course.

Note: This is the one class that is required of all Asian Studies majors and minors.

Asian Studies Category A Classes

ARHI 224 001: Introduction to Asian Art
(offered every semester)
This course looks at a selection of art and architecture from India, China, and Japan. You'll learn about Asia through art and see how art reflects and embodies what you have learned about Asia already. This class brings visual support to understanding the region.

ARHI 424: Art of India and Southeast Asia
(once every four semesters)
In this class, you'll analyze the arts of India and Southeast Asia, past and present. The course examines representative examples from major periods, emphasizing the cultural, political, and/or religious context of the works.

CHIN 281: Readings in Tradition and Custom in Modern China
Prerequisite: CHIN 201
This is a high-intermediate course that focuses on traditions and customs as they are found in present-day China. Students will read short essays and dialogues that give insight into folklore, contemporary etiquette, and the dating scene. The class will be conducted in Chinese.

CRLG 481: Japanese VI
Prerequisite: Japanese V
This course is a continuation of Japanese V. It is designed to help advanced students further develop the four skills in Japanese. It also helps them deepen their understanding of Japanese culture. This class will be conducted in Japanese.

ENGL 385: Adv Studies in Women's Literature
(rarely offered)
This course will focus on Asian American women's literature.

GEOG 256: Geography of East  and Southeast Asia 
(every two to three semesters)
Students study China, Japan, Korea, Outer Mongolia, and Taiwan in this course. The focus is geographic background for development and wise use and restoration of natural resources.

HIST 337(W): History of Modern Japan
(every three semesters)
Prerequisites: Sophomore standing; HIST 195 (non-majors)
This class covers the history of Japan from the beginning of the Tokugawa period to the present. Students learn about Japan's early modern political, economic, and social systems, their transformation in the Meiji era, and the Japanese people's struggles and successes in the 20th century. This class is writing intensive.

PLSC 383(W): Political Systems-East Asia
(every three semesters)
This class offers an intensive, comparative study of the governments and politics of East Asia. This class is writing intensive.

RLST 375: Religions of India
(every three semesters)
In this course, you'll study Hinduism, Indian Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism. The class includes historical and theological foundations, development of thought, contemporary expressions, and encounters with the modern world.

Classes Counting Toward the Asian Studies Language Requirement

For those of you who have not yet fulfilled the language requirement for the major (remember: you need to reach at least the intermediate level of an Asian language), or if you want to pick up a second or third language, the following classes will be available.

For those of you who have already completed the language requirement for Chinese or Japanese, but would like to continue to study one or the other of those, please see the classes listed under Category A courses.


  • CRLG 151: Elementary Arabic II
  • CRLG 151: Intermediate Arabic IV


  • CHIN 102: Elementary Chinese II


  • CRLG 158: Elementary Japanese II
  • CRLG 281: Elementary Japanese Conversation
    Students taking CRLG 158 must also sign up for CRLG 281 "Elementary Japanese Conversation." Japanese language instruction is moving to a four-credit per semester structure.
  • CRLG 258: Intermediate Japanese IV


  • CRLG 159: Elementary Korean II