Asian Studies, BA

Asian Studies professor teaches in class

Range of Topics Tackles Complexity of Asia

The study of a region has many aspectsfrom learning the language to studying the area's art, geography, politics, and religion. As an Asian Studies major at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, you'll receive a comprehensive education that covers a range of topics relating to the world's largest, most populous, and most diverse continent.

In this major, you'll study an Asian language, choosing between Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Hindi, and Korean. You'll also choose classes from several departments to give you a broad perspective on Asian culture. Among the classes you may select are Art of Japan, Geography of East Asia, History of Modern China, Political Systems: Middle East, and Religions of India.

Schedule Allows Flexibility to Add Second Major or Minor

Because the Asian Studies major emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach, it's recommended that you add a minor or a second major. You might want to consider such fields as anthropology, economics, fine arts, geography, history, international business, international studies, journalism, political science, or religious studies.

Students in this major are strongly encouraged to explore foreign educational options. IUP has made arrangements for international exchange programs and study abroad opportunities at universities around the world.