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Qualtrics Electronic Surveys

  • Qualtrics is free software available to students, faculty, and staff for conducting electronic surveys. It has been available to IUP for many years, but in October 15, 2014, the IUP IT Services group migrated the Qualtrics service to a secure single sign-on (SSO) implementation.

    Please use the following URL for signing up for and then logging into your account:

    Your Qualtrics username and password are the same as the credentials that you use for all your other IUP tools (D2L, MyIUP, etc.).   

    More information about Qualtrics single sign-on (SSO) integration is available.

    Learn Qualtrics in 5 Steps is an express program that will get you up to speed in under three hours. Qualtrics University provides several great tutorials to help you quickly learn to use the software.

    Please Note:

    • To avoid potential data collection problems, the ARL strongly suggests each client contact us prior to administering his or her survey . Once the survey is administered through Qualtrics, it becomes difficult to retroactively make changes to the survey and subsequent information derived from the collected data.
      • For example, the survey author must include identifiers when building the survey if cross-referencing the survey results with a secondary data source is a desired outcome.
    • Institutional Research Board for the Protection of Human Subjects (IRB) approval is necessary for surveys sent through Qualtrics.
    • Web-based surveys should be sent to samples of no more than 2,000 potential respondents. Samples of this magnitude are typically used in nationwide surveys. Exceptions to this will be considered on a case-by-case basis and only with appropriate justification for the exception request.
    • To help avoid bounces and messages being directed to the junk-mail folder of recipients, please follow these simple tips when creating a distribution email:
      • Avoid adding images to your survey.
      • Avoid adding links to websites other than Qualtrics and IUP.
      • Keep your color scheme black/white - do not change text color.
      • Double-check your spelling and grammar before sending.
      • If unsure, you may send a test message to and they will analyze the message for any possible issues.

    See the list of ARL Workshops for more Qualtrics information.