Archaeology Track, Anthropology, BA

  • Students work at an archaeology dig

    PREHISTORIC ARTIFACTS UNEARTHED Students uncover buried features while others sift through dirt for artifacts at the Johnston Site, a prehistoric Monongahela village near Blairsville in Indiana County.

    Discover clues and learn what they mean

    Cultures that thrived centuries ago have left just a scattering of clues behind. As an Anthropology major in the Archaeology track, you’ll learn how to find those clues and interpret them. 

    You’ll take part in Archaeological Field School, gaining hands-on experience in survey methods, field excavation, laboratory processing, and artifacts analysis.

    You'll work on an ongoing IUP excavation, such as a 15th-century Native American village site in Indiana County or the site of Colonial Hannastown, founded east of present-day Pittsburgh and occupied until it was burned in the Revolutionary War.

    You should plan on using the free electives in this major to add a double major or minor. Recommended minors are Geoscience, Geography, History, or another approved field.

    Students are also strongly encouraged to choose an internship from among the wide variety of opportunities available.