Anthropology, Social Science Education, BSEd

  • Anthropology students visit Ellis School in Pittsburgh

    TEACHER TRAINING Anthropology Students in the Social Science Education/Anthropology track lead students from the Ellis School in Pittsburgh in hands-on activities.

    Tell humanity's story to your students

    With its emphasis on cross-cultural comparisons, the realities of contemporary global cultures, and cultural resource management, a BSEd in Social Science Education from IUP prepares you to teach social science at the secondary level.  Mix classroom study and field observation to gain the experience necessary to succeed in the day-to-day responsibilities of secondary school teachers who serve a diverse student body.

    Your course of study culminates in student teaching, your first true experience as a social science teacher.

    BSEd in Social Science Education

    • Acquire the foundation and skills needed to gain certification to teach secondary social science in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
    • Acquire practical experience in methods courses and student teaching.
    • With a concentration in anthropology, study the history of human culture: the norms, values, and standards transmitted from one generation to the next and by which people act.
    • Use your knowledge of culture both to inform the materials you teach, and to better understand the diverse student body you will encounter in the classroom.
    • Gain a philosophical background in current theories of teaching.
    • Hone your teaching skills over the course of 15 weeks as a student teacher in the classroom.