Anthropology, BA

  • An anthropology student examines a spider monkey

    PRIMATE PERSPECTIVE An anthropology student meets a spider monkey. The Anthropology BA brings together different elements of anthropology, from spider monkeys and food sustainability to energy policies and prehistoric weapons.

    Anthropologists seek to answer who we are and why

    People are unlike any other living thing on Earth. We develop complex written languages, weave together diverse cultures, and question why we do the things we do. Anthropologists seek answers to who we are as people, how we came to be that way, and how modernity exerts differential forces on the variety of humanity that exists around the world. 

    As an Anthropology major, you’ll study humankind from its beginnings millions of years ago to the present day.

    You'll acquire a strong foundation in all four subdisciplines of Anthropology: sociocultural, biological, linguistic, and archaeology. The flexibility of enough free electives in this major will allow you to add a double major, a minor, or an internship.

    Anthropology students

    WATER RESOURCES ANALYZED — Students observe the operations at a water treatment facility during an ethnographic field school with professors Anastasia Hudgins and Amanda Poole.