Professor Ben Ford was recently awarded an IUP Academic Computing Policy Advisory Committee Innovation Grant to purchase photogrammetry software and hardware.

Photogrammetry is the construction of three-dimensional digital models from digital photographs. The software uses the data associated with the images to calculate a point cloud representing the true, three-dimensional shapes of objects in the photos. It also uses the colors and textures in the photos to make the images appear photo-real. This is a powerful technique for recording archaeological artifacts, excavation units, landscapes, and buildings. The three-dimensional images can be scaled and the inspected from all directions, making archaeological sites accessible to anyone with an internet connection.

Newport Trench 1 photogrammetry model

Image: Photogrammetry model of Trench 1 at the Newport Village archaeological site. Newport Village was a late 18th and early 19th Euro American settlement near modern Blairsville, Pa. The stones visible in the trench are the remains of a stone-lined nineteenth-century road.

The ACPAC grant allowed the Department of Anthropology to acquire a second seat of Agisoft Metashape Professional software. This software converts digital photos into scaled photogrammetric models. The grant also funded the acquisition of very precise scale bars so that three-dimensional models can be assigned their proper sizes. Additional equipment from the grant included a 21-foot photo pole for capturing large or tall features from the ground and a turntable for recording artifacts. This equipment and software is available for students to use in their research and classes.

It is hoped that some of the three-dimensional models of sites and artifacts will eventually be produced in tangible forms using 3-D printers in IUP's Steamshop.

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