Mentors, Opportunities, and Possibilities

  • Shawn Mosley

    She’d be the first to tell you she had a mentor or two.

    Today, Shawn Mosley is a modeling analyst at GEICO, working with numbers and making predictions that affect the company she serves. But not so long ago, she was a freshman at IUP. After completing her first year as an applied math major with a 4.0, she was on the verge of dropping out. Out of money, she did not re-enroll for her sophomore year.

    Someone noticed.

    “The chairman of the Math Department, Dr. Francisco Alarcon, noticed that my name wasn’t on the roster,” she said. “He worked with the Financial Aid Office to make sure I had access to scholarship funds. I’m grateful for that kind of care and concern.”

    All set financially, Shawn later competed with a team in an international mathematics modeling competition and made predictions about an Ebola outbreak. She also took advantage of IUP’s Research Experience for Summer Scholars program. She and her research partner created an application for college league managers to use for scheduling basketball seasons. They worked under the tutelage of Dr. John Chrispell.

    “Mathematics is so intellectually stimulating,” Shawn said. “It opens up a world of possibilities.”