Real Research

  • Mary Chey

    Fueled with scholarships from IUP, Mary Chey knew she wanted to focus on science, but she wasn’t sure what area, until she met her mentor Dr. Narayanaswamy Bharathan—known on campus as, simply, Dr. Bharathan.

    An expert cell biologist and molecular virologist, Dr. Bharathan regularly includes his students in his research—but he does more than that. According to Mary, he also holds regular Sunday evening review sessions and advises Phi Eta Sigma National, a freshman honor society. Mary participated in both, plus she served as a community assistant in IUP’s residence halls.

    Shortly after her first class with Dr. Bharathan during her freshman year, she began working in his lab. She and other students accompanied him to professional national conferences to present research. She also took advantage of IUP’s own Undergraduate Scholars Forum, where she presented her own research on double stranded (ds)-RNA cloning in Rhizoctonia solani isolate.

    Today, Mary is working on her PhD in cell biology and is ever grateful for her time in Dr. Bharathan’s lab and for his mentorship.