• Jessica: IUP experiences contain strategy for career success


    While most students jump from major to major a few times during their college career, Jessica Brown, a Content Manager/Social Media Specialist, only had her eye on one.

    “My education gave me the skills to branch out and build the kind of career I really want.”

    “I knew I wanted to major in journalism from day one,” Jessica said. “But I also knew that I didn’t want to be a reporter. So I decided to take as many writing classes as possible – through both the English department and the journalism department – so that I could have a diverse list of skills by the time I graduated.”

    Jessica also tried to branch out outside of the classroom, too. She was an IUP Ambassador, Life & Style Editor of the Penn, president of the IUP chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America, a member of IUP Mock NATO, and participated in two honor societies. She also worked part-time in the University Relations office, writing and editing press releases and feature stories for the university.

    “I don’t think that students realize how many opportunities IUP offers if they take the time to look,” Jessica said. “I interviewed the creator of one of my favorite blogs, traveled to Seattle for a conference, and got a fantastic position as a summer intern at Brunner all because of IUP. My education gave me the skills to branch out and build the kind of career I really want.”

    Jessica graduated in 2011, working as the Social Media Specialist and then Interactive Copywriter for SnapRetail, a startup located in Pittsburgh’s Strip District, before landing her current job at Imagebox Productions.

    At Imagebox, a small web design firm in Pittsburgh, Jessica is responsible for writing, editing, and organizing written content for her clients, working on projects like websites, blogs, print pieces, and social media campaigns. She is also part of the strategic aspect of the business, helping clients get down to the core of what their brand is and how they can convey their message to the world. Working at a small agency means wearing a lot of hats, and working with clients from plenty of fields.

    “One day I might be writing a blog post for a DJ, and the next day I am helping a construction company outline the pages of their website. Being a writer means a lifetime of constant learning and growing to fit client needs. My education at IUP was only the beginning, but it was the best start I could have given myself.”

    UPDATE:  Jessica Brown Mey still lives in Pittsburgh. She is the head of content at Crystal Media and is an active blogger (caffeine +

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