Chemistry Undergraduate, Super-Sized with Scholarships

  • Becki Beadling

    Becki Beadling worked hard for what she earned. When she was an undergraduate  Chemistry and  Biology major, she often left the lab at 10:00 p.m.

    Her dedication paid off when she earned, at a national conference at Stanford University, the Chung Soo Yoo Award for outstanding graduate-level research. The only undergraduate at the conference, she presented her research project, "A Neutron Diffraction Investigation of the Solid-Solution Sodium Zinc Cobalt Silicate," which received accolades among projects of Ph.D. candidates from national research institutions.

    Becki completed the project, because she was able to access, with the help of her faculty mentor, the Spallation Neutron Source, an unusual piece of equipment located at Oak Ridge National Lab in Tennessee. Scientists who use the equipment must submit proposals and agree to publish their research results.

    About receiving the Chung Soo Yoo Award, Becki said, "This was really good, because it proves IUP can compete at a high level....Winning this award has opened up so many opportunities for me."

    After arriving at IUP, Becki received the  Dean's Merit Scholarship, the Creating Opportunities for Applying Mathematics Scholarship, the Patricia Hilliard Robertson Scholarship, and the William and Audrey Madia Scholarship, as well as monetary assistance from IUP's Siemens Fund for Undergraduate Research. Patricia Hillard Robertson, a member of the Class of 1985, was an astronaut who perished in a flight accident, and her family established the scholarship fund in her memory. William and Audrey Madia are both alumni who generously established a scholarship to benefit science majors.

    "I really appreciate these, because without them, it would be difficult to afford my education," she said. "I don't come from a high-income background. I work really had for everything, and without these scholarships, I'd have to find a part-time job and wouldn't have the time to put into academics and research. I appreciate everything I've gotten from IUP alumni."