Summer Honors Program Room and Board

  • Students will live on campus in single-gender floors of IUP’s Northern Suites.

    Specially selected Honors College students, many of whom are former Summer Program students, will serve as peer mentors/counselors-in-residence. Program participants will have access to a safe residence hall experience. Students will not be permitted to leave the IUP campus without counselor supervision. Students will be provided with three meals each day. Dinner will be served on the day of arrival (Sunday). All room and board fees are included in the $400 program costs. 

  • 2018 Teacher Evaluation Form
    Teacher evaluation form for students applying to take part in the Summer Honors Program.
    Summer Honors Program Student Nomination Form
    High school teachers may use this form below to recommend a student for the Cook Honors College Summer Honors Program.
    Room and Board
    Students will live on campus in single gender wings of IUP’s Northern Suites, home of the Cook Honors College.