Summer Honors Program Packing List

  • Here’s what to bring…

    Hygiene/Bedding Items

    • Bath towels, wash cloth
    • Single sheets, pillowcases, pillows
    • Soap, toothpaste, shampoo, etc.
    • Flip flops or other shower shoes
    • Any prescription or over-the-counter medications you might need
    • Bathrobe


    • Daily:
      Bring whatever you will need to be comfortable in. Remember that it will be summer and you have six hours of class a day. If your workshop is planning fieldwork or lab experiences in which clothing might be damaged, bring a few things you wouldn’t mind getting dirty.
    • Sports/working out:
      Bring some old t-shirts, shorts, or sweats for recreational activities. Bring a swimsuit, considering it’s the summer and we’ll be swimming.
    • Shoes:
      We suggest you bring shoes that go with what you plan on doing. Sneakers for sports, dress shoes for Saturday, etc.
    • Coats:
      Watch the weather! Bring a jacket or raincoat if you think you’ll need it.

    Other Items

    • Books for recreational reading
    • Portable stereo, MP3 player/iPod, portable CD player, CDs
    • Cell phone, cell phone charger
    • Camera
    • Baseball/softball mitt, football, soccer ball, Frisbee, basketball, tennis racket, etc.
    • Cards, games
    • Pens, pencils, notebook, calculator, etc. Whatever you need for six hours of class a day.
    • Umbrella
    • Alarm clock
    • Beach towel
    • Key chain (so you don’t lose your room key)
    • Snacks (dinner takes place early, so you may prefer to have a snack in the evening)
    • Spending money (if you want to purchase snacks here or dine away from campus with a counselor or buy IUP souvenirs)

    One more thing

    Please remember that you will be a member of a larger community of individuals. In each of the choices you make (what to bring, etc.), please remember to respect the rights of those around you. We’re looking forward to meeting you!

  • Room and Board
    Students will live on campus in single gender wings of IUP’s Whitmyre Hall, home of the Cook Honors College.
    Summer Honors Program Student Nomination Form
    High school teachers may use this form below to recommend a student for the Cook Honors College Summer Honors Program.
    Teacher Evaluation Form