Majors: Biology - Ecology, Conservation, and Environmental Biology

Wendy Leuenberger

Hometown: Lincoln, Nebraska

Future Education Plans: I intend to get an M.S. and Ph.D. in Conservation Biology, Entomology, or Ecology.

Current Research: I'm developing an undergraduate thesis studying the Lepidopteran (butterflies and moths) communities in scrub oak-pitch pine barrens before and after controlled fires to determine the impact.

Most Enhancing Experience: I had the opportunity to help the study of the Golden-winged Warbler. For two months, I followed the birds around their territories, observing their behavior and learning how conservation research is done. It confirmed my interest in conservation and gave me the experience I needed to design my own project, as well as being a great experience in itself.

About My Major: The classes I'm taking in my major are providing me with the groundwork to understand and talk about important principles in conservation and ecology. A lot of my classes have labs, some of which have involved meeting professionals in the conservation field and conducting realistic research that can be used to make management plans.

HC Impact: The core curriculum really enhanced my college experience so far. A lot of my closest college friends come from my core class, and we still engage in stimulating multidisciplinary discussions. The honors college is a great place to live and provides a supportive community atmosphere that helps in any endeavor.

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