Seth HawkinsMajor: Psychology

Minor: English

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

Further Degrees: Masters in Counseling (in progress)

Current Employer: I currently work as a graduate assistant at a high school. I will brag a little bit :) I work at the International Academy in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. It was listed as the second best public high schoolin 2009by Newsweek.

Most Enhancing Experience: My senior year I traveled with one of my professors and several other students to Tucson, Arizona for the Toward a Science of Consciousness Conference where we presented our research.

My Major: Indiana University of Pennsylvania was a fantastic place for psychological research. The Honors Psychology Program especially is a wonderful opportunity for people to direct their own research project.

HC Impact: The Core classes at the Cook Honors College enabled me to think critically about a wide variety of subjects. This gives me tools that I can use in any situation, regardless of my familiarity with it.

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