Meghan Fitzpatrick, '02

Meghan FitzpatrickMajor:Biochemistry

Hometown: Markleysburg, Pennsylvania

Further degrees: MD, Temple University School of Medicine, 2006

Current Employer and Job: UPMC - Fellow in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine

About my major:Biochemistry was really a strong major with fantastic faculty. It has been hugely helpful to me to have the biochemistry background - I was very well prepared to start bench research during medical residency and fellowship.

HC Impact: I think the HC, particularly the core curriculum, gave me a unique perspective on the humanities that might have otherwise been lacking for a science major. I still have most of the philosophy/ethics books that we used during the early core course and I do still go back to them. The biggest impact of the HC came from the constant focus on critical thinking, which is really the essential skill of any career but has served me particularly well in medicine.

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