Jennifer Moore MossMajor: Psychology

Minors: English, Statistics, and Women's Studies

Hometown: San Antonio, Texas

Further Degrees: PhD in Health Behavior and Health Education at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (in progress)

Recent Employment: Research Associate at the Center for Cognitive Brain Imaging at Carnegie Mellon University

Most Enhancing Experiences: I had lots of research opportunities that were helpful in getting my job: I assisted professors and grad students, conducted my own experiment on sex education, and did a summer research internship at Johns Hopkins. The volunteering I did and my on-campus jobs with the local women's health clinic, the on-campus health center, tutoring organizations, etc. helped flesh out my research experience and were very influential in shaping my future career goals.

About My Major: Through the Honors Program in Psychology, I was able to conduct my undergraduate thesis and take Special Topics classes in Addiction and Poverty, as well as receive the training in statistics, methodology, and different branches of psychology that all the students get. Plus, the major is flexible enough that I was able to have three minors!

About the HC: The Honors College challenges the way you think by mixing you up with diverse students with diverse backgrounds from diverse majors. You won't all share the same opinions, and because of that, you'll learn to defend and revise your beliefs, orally and on paper. You may forget the details you learn about osteoblasts or Australopithecus, but you'll never lose that skill.

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