Wesley Cray FramedMajor: Philosophy

Minor: Religious Studies

Hometown: Middleburg, PA

Further Degrees: Masters of the Arts in Philosophy, Ohio State University, 2008; Working toward a PhD in Philosophy (ABD), Ohio State University

Current Employer: OSU Department of Philosophy, Graduate Teaching Associate

Most Enhancing Experience: The HC helped me study in Costa Rica, which was my first experience abroad. Upon returning home, I saw my surroundings differently, with a sort of view that hasn't yet faded. In the years that followed, I was able to attend many conferences, including one that I helped organize myself, giving me a helpful glimpse of the professional academic world in which I would eventually find myself living.

About My Major: Studying philosophy at IUP introduced me to two things: first, the study of critical thinking, and second, what I wanted to do with my life. The major, including not just the classes but also the individual attention from faculty members, prepared me more than adequately for graduate study.

HC Impact: The HC impacted me in a number of ways. Academically, the Core curriculum helped me develop to a high degree the skills that I would eventually go on to use every day in graduate school. Non-academically, just being in the HC environment, whether it be organizing orientations, giving tours, or just hanging on in someone's dorm room, really helped me grow as a person. The HC has some amazing people in it, and I'm thankful that I got to spend four years with them.

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