Tom Hanauer, '10

Tom Hanauer Major:Philosophy


Hometown: Tel Aviv, Israel

The most enhancing experiences at IUP were (a) participating/presenting at conferences; (b) participating in the HC Core units.

About My Major:Philosophy was a perfect fit for me. It will fit you too, if you're the kind of person who likes learning instead of believing, questioning instead of settling, and ruminating over instead of rampantly digesting everything that counts as "knowledge" in our modern, western understanding of ourselves and the world. Philosophy is probably the only field that will allow you to start from scratch, throw out every assumption, and completely reinvent its (and your) own being, while still being "philosophy." Arrogant remarks aside, philosophy will provide you with good critical tools and will teach you to maul your way through the thick weeds that stand in our path of understanding the biggest problems to the smallest ones: in understanding ourselves, each other, and the world we inhabit.

HC Impact: The HC allowed me to explore questions that were already of significant interest to me, e.g., what is the nature of truth, morality, religion, and art, what's the value of history, and what does it mean to be human. These questions continue to serve as the basis for my interests and as the orienting frame for my decision to pursue a graduate degree.

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