Tom Bogacz FramedMajor: Economics

Hometown: Gibsonia, PA

Further Degrees: M.A. Fordham

Current Employer:McLagan, Consultant

How my economics major prepared me for work: I work for a management consulting firm and perform a significant amount of data analysis for our clients. Unlike many undergraduate Econ programs, IUP offers the opportunity to study advanced data techniques like econometrics. Most of my colleagues never studied econometrics, and I can recall many occasions when the skills I learned at IUP made me look like a star.

How the CHC prepared me for work: The best consultants are those that think intuitively and creatively when solving client problems. The Cook Honors College taught me how to break down complex questions, find fallacies with arguments and assumptions, and re-form conclusions to optimally understand an issue. In addition to prying apart difficult questions, the Honors College gave me the confidence to challenge ideas that I don't agree with and clearly present my ideas to win consensus. I view my Honors College skills as my "secret tool kit," and they continue to define me as one of the most intuitive and creative consultants in our office.