Suzanne Johnston, '11

Suzanne Johnston FramedMajor:Spanish

Hometown: Erie, PA

Most Enhancing Experiences: Studying abroad in Spain (through the IUP Spanish department) was one of the best experiences I could have had. Traveling through Europe helped me grow as a person and understand more of the world and different cultures. It also opened my eyes as to what I can do myself and made me a stronger person.

About My Major: Overall, I enjoy my major immensely. The Spanish department at IUP is one of the best. The professors truly take the time to make sure that each individual student grows and reaches their true potential.

HC Impact: I did not realize how much of an impact that the HC had on me until I studied abroad, which was made possible through the Honors College. As I traveled and socialized with students from Asia, Western Europe, the United States, Australia, etc., I felt that the Core classes allowed me to related to them by opening my mind to a new sort of thinking. It was also clear that my analyzing skills came in handy as I battled against the normal hazards of traveling through multiple countries such as delays and, even more importantly, not speaking the language.

Most importantly overall, the HC helped me grow into the person I was before I went to Europe. It helped me realize that just because the way that I think and process information, is different, does not mean that it is wrong. In a foreign place, it is easy to lose oneself just to fit in with the crowd, but the HC made me realize that it is more important to stand out and stay true to who you are; not what others expect you to be.