Renee Brown, '05

Hometown: Stewartstown, Pennsylvania

Further degrees: Currently finishing my MA in English at the University of Pittsburgh

Current employer: Peters Township School District; 8th grade English teacher

Most enhancing experience: I spent six months living in England and attending York University. (I met my fiance there, and we will be married in July 2011.) I also spent a summer at the university in Nancy, France.

About my major: The English department is full of genuinely kind professors who know how to teach and are experts in their fields. The English Education major does not have much "wiggle room," as there are only a few free electives; by doing so, however, students majoring in English Ed become experts in their subject as well as in how to teach secondary students.

HC impact: The courses which prepared me best to teach were my Honors Core classes. The curriculum is rigorous and pushes students to think in different ways. Nearly ten years after our first meeting in the Great Hall, I am so happy to say that so many of my closest friends were in that room with me as freshmen at the Honors College. Core brought us together across our different majors and the bonds we forged through Core have helped us remain friends. Core was the most valuable class I took at IUP.
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