Lee Greenfield, '04

Lee GreenfieldMajor:Journalism with a PR focus


Hometown: Allison Park, Pennsylvania

Curent employer: MediaEdge - Communication Manager

Most enhancing experience: My study abroad in Spain was an eye-opening and enjoyable experience and was made possible by the HC enhancement fund. In addition, I completed an internship working with the Communications Director and CEO of a medical center that allowed me to expand professional repertoire.

About my major: My degree in journalism has provided me with strong writing skills that have enhanced my ability to provide strong client presentations.

HC impact: The HC experience was life-changing and one that I wouldn't trade for everything. My Core classes helped me to develop vital critical-thinking skills that are applicable to the fast-paced work environment of media planning and buying. Core helps students to challenge not only their intellectual abilities but also to expand their world views. The Honors College is a truly unique program that prepares students to compete in ever-changing world market.

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