Cameron Hollingshead, '03

Cameron HollingsheadMajor:Political Science


Hometown: Cape Coral, Florida

Additional Degrees: J.D., George Washington University, currently pursuing a Masters of Urban Planning, concentration in Land Use and Environmental Planning

The most valuable feature of my IUP education was scrutinizing public affairs with a microscope and a telescope. On one hand, it was my good fortune to learn applied politics as the student member of IUP's Council of Trustees. Seeing firsthand how public servants manage millions of dollars, thousands of students and hundreds of opinions, I saw the art - not just the science - of politics. Being in the Honors College also allowed me to study emerging changes in international law at Trinity College Dublin - an experience made even more unique by arriving on September 11, 2001. The best part about studying Political Science as an Honors College student is searching out both pragmatic and unorthodox viewpoints on policy issues. On my first day inWhitmyre Hall, I would never have guessed what my professional direction would be today. In hindsight, though, it is a perfectly natural extension of the string of opportunities provided by IUP and the Cook Honors College.

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