Rebecca Chamberlin, '09

Becky ChamberlinMajor:

Nutrition - Dietetics Track

Attended and Graduated from IUP Academy of Culinary Arts (Degree: Certificate of Completion in Culinary Arts)

Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Further Degrees: Graduate Degree: IUP - Masters of Science in Food and Nutrition; Certification and Licensure: Registered Dietitian (RD), Licensed Dietitian-Nutritionist (LDN)

Current Employer: Adjunct faculty member at Carlow University's School of Nursing in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Most Enhancing Experiences: While at IUP, I was involved in a nonprofit, student-run theater group called TOST and Turned. This group, originally based out of the Honors College (HC), developed, designed, and performed plays every semester. This experience helped me in numerous fashions. First, I got to meet some incredible people who I still stay in contact with to this day (great networking opportunities!). Second, it gave me skills that were not necessarily major applicable (what does running a theater group have to do with dietetics???); however, those skills were definitely job applicable! I learned how to stay organized, be a leader, time management, marketing methods, management of funds and people, etc. Finally, it was a great creative outlet that fit into the liberal arts education taught at the university.

Another fantastic experience I encountered while at IUP was my trip to Italy as part of my Honors Senior Synthesis course Classical Italy. I had numerous opportunities to travel abroad while I was in culinary school; however, I did not have the funds to make the trip. It was so disheartening to be so close to learn about the incredible Italian culture (not to mention the awesome food!) and yet not be able to go. While in the Honors College, I saw the opportunity present itself once more to travel abroad. The price was a steal, since we were going as a large group and our instructor knew the best places for the best deals! Not only that, the Enhancement Fund at the Cooks Honors College helped me financially. I was finally able to go abroad and learn some amazing facts. I finally got to see artwork that I have only read about, I got to touch the Coliseum wall, and, most importantly, I got to experience the Italian cuisine in Italy! It really was a trip I will never forget, and it was all made possible because of the Honors College.

My Major: The Food and Nutrition Department gave me the tools necessary to succeed in this field. Not only are the professors knowledgeable, they were also willing to help out in any way they could. The Student Dietetic Association aided me in getting to know my fellow classmates and future colleagues. The coursework was by no means easyand that is a wonderful thing, as the world of dietetics is not an easy career. As long as you put in the effort, the professors created an environment of learning. They also gave me the means to help identify the career path that best suited me within the field of dietetics. They even aided me in finding my current position! I really feel that this department set me up with a solid knowledge foundation that will aid me in my career.

HC Impact: The HC had a gigantic impact on my career. The Core Curriculum aided me in building skills such as critical thinking and oral and written communication, and instilled in me the desire to continue learning throughout my life. It is critical in my position to always assess my lessons and instruct current information. The HC really made it possible for me to understand and really analyze what is going on in my profession and the world around me. The HC curriculum aided in developing skills I use daily; however, the most important aspect is the fact that these skills helped me to land a position very shortly after graduation. I feel that the combination of my major and the Honors College education really set me up for a great future.

Not only did the HC aid me in develop critical life skills, the community of scholars is one that I have never experienced in my life. To be surrounded by other individuals that challenged you on a day-to-day basis helped you understand that everyone has a story and a side to an argument, and to have all of these individuals working together to solve a common goal (the core question) was really just awe inspiring. Too often we get so engrossed in our own thoughts, beliefs, and solutions that we forget to look at other opinions. The Honors College really fosters that environment of learning for the growth of all individuals.

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