Jennifer Ruelens, '03

Jennifer Ruelens FramedMajor:Marketing

Hometown: Willow Street, PA

Since I graduated, I worked in property management managing large apartment communities. I was highlighted as one of the top "30 Under 30" property managers by a national trade group, and I will be featured as one of the property managers interviewed for a new book coming out soon, titled 50 Interviews: Property Managers. Just recently, I decided to switch industries and have taken a position as director of Sales for an owner and operator of senior living residences.

As far as how the HC has impacted my life, my critical thinking skills gained at the HC have set me apart in everything I have done since school. It is amazing how critical thinking enhances all other education and training, and just how little of it exists in business. I also firmly believe that my time spent in the HC was critical to my confidence and motivation. Being surrounded by the achievement and ability forced me to expand my awareness and step up my game. Like most HC students, I was always the big fish in the small pond and that limited my growth. Coming to the HC made me the small fish in a big pond of bright and ambitious students and superbly talented professors that forced me to grown beyond what I had ever imagined for myself.