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    Non-Degree Seeking Status

    Non-degree seeking status is designed for students who wish to enroll in graduate classes without pursuing a specific degree. It does not represent admission into a degree program or imply automatic admission into a degree program at a later date. Applicants who are admitted as non-degree seeking admission students can apply for degree-seeking admission for future terms. Should a student decide to apply to one of our graduate degree programs, the student will need to submit a complete application. For more information, please visit the Apply Now webpage and our Transfer Credit Policy in the IUP Graduate Catalog.

    Non-degree seeking students are not eligible for financial aid and will need to receive department permission before registering for classes from the program coordinator. After being admitted to a non-degree seeking program, students will receive information from Graduate Admissions about how to register for coursework.

    Non-degree seeking admissions subcategories include One Course Only, Certification Only (Level II Certification), and Special Status.

    One Course Only

    Applicants who have never previously taken graduate-level coursework at IUP are eligible for the One Course Only option. Students who take their first course under the One Course Only option must apply using the following application. On your application, please ensure that you select “Graduate One Course Only” as your program of choice.

    Continuing Certification Admission for Educators (Level II Certification)

    This category is designed to assist teachers pursuing certification credits only. Along with the application, applicants must also submit a nonrefundable $50 application fee and a copy of their Level I Teaching Certificate. On your application, please ensure that you select “Level II Certification” as your program of choice.

    Special Status

    Students pursuing special status may take an unlimited number of courses under this admission category. Along with the application, applicants must also submit a nonrefundable $50 application fee, as well as official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended. As you proceed, please ensure that you select “Graduate Special Status” as your program of choice in the application. 

    Students granted Special Status admissions who wish at a later time to pursue a graduate degree must apply to the degree program before completing 12 credits. 

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