For Teachers and Counselors

  • Culinary Arts is a department in the College of Health and Human Services at IUP. The program was first offered in 1989. All programs are accredited by the American Culinary Federation. The Academy of Culinary Arts offers students a comprehensive culinary education with an instructional cost substantially less than other nationally recognized culinary programs.

    Here are some highlights of the academy:

    Multiple Degree and Study Options for Culinary Majors

    Comprehensive Instruction in Culinary Arts

    • Curriculum combines hands-on practice with theory, demonstrations, and development of the work ethics required for success in the hospitality industry
    • The program contains more hours of culinary instruction: Fall and spring semesters each include 600 instructional hours; summer semester includes 450 instructional hours
    • Culinary students complete a paid externship of 600 hours. (Did we mention tuition is free for the externship semester?)

    Second-year Advanced Baking and Pastry Arts Option

    • Baking and Pastry Arts is a second-year program for students who wish to continue their training in pastry arts to an advanced level.
    • Curriculum is based on learning by combining theory, demonstration, application, and proficiency testing of skills and knowledge
    • This second-year program has competitive admission and is intensive, rigorous, and thorough
    • Fall and spring semesters each include 487.5 instructional hours: 412.5 lab class hours, 75 project hours
    • Summer (externship) semester is 450 hours. (Tuition is free for the externship semester.)

    Outstanding Faculty

    • Culinary and baking faculty have earned graduate degrees and extensive certifications in their areas of expertise
    • Our faculty have many years of real-world, industry experience
    • Many faculty members are award-winning culinary competitors

    Chef Instructors Who Connect with Students

    • Small class sizes
    • Each instructor is personally involved with the success of the students

    100 Percent Job Placement

    Alumni Job Line and Referral Service Especially for Culinary Students

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is coursework in a culinary arts vocational program required for admission?
    No. Approximately 50 percent of our students come from career/vocational school programs and 50 percent come from traditional academic programs.

    Is work experience required?
    No, although some experience in the hospitality industry is helpful. A love of cooking is required.

    Does IUP offer an associate degree in Culinary Arts?
    No. We are able to offer more food-based instruction in fewer hours in the certificate program. If a student prefers a degree program, we suggest considering our Culinary/BS degree options. Our industry partners strongly prefer a bachelor’s degree (vs. an associate’s) for culinary graduates interested in pursuing management positions at their properties.

    What are the academic requirements?
    The majority of students admitted have high school GPAs ranging from 2.4 to 4.0+. We consider all aspects of the student’s application, and we may require an interview and/or shadow day if we need additional information to assess the student’s ability to successfully complete the culinary arts program.

    What SAT or ACT score is required?
    We do not require SAT or ACT. We encourage students to submit official scores, though, as some of our culinary scholarships do have a SAT/ACT requirement.

    What campus is the culinary program located on?
    All culinary majors begin their studies on the IUP Punxsutawney campus. Students will study for three semesters (fall, spring, and summer) in Punxsutawney. Students continuing on for the BS degree programs will complete their studies on the Indiana campus.

    How do my students apply to the culinary arts programs?
    All students who are interested in majoring in culinary arts should apply directly to the Academy through Culinary Arts Admissions. Online and paper applications are available. Applicants will receive an admissions decision within two weeks after all admissions requirements and supporting documentation have been received.