Fall Semester Supply List

  • Here are the additional supplies that culinary students will need to purchase for the Fall semester.

    • Pocket-sized spiral notebook
    • 2” loose-leaf binders with clear overlay (2)
    • 4” binder with clear overlay cover for Baking Journal (1)
    • Plastic page protectors (must be clear, not matte finish)
    • Page dividers with tabs
    • Black Sharpie markers
    • Pens and pencils
    • White short-sleeve t-shirts with no design or decoration. (If you prefer to wear a shirt under your chef coat, it must be a plain white t-shirt.)
    • Lock for your locker at the Academy

    Camera to take pictures of classroom demos and cooking assignments

    Students must be able to print up to 40 photos per semester for their portfolios. Photos must be very clear and of good quality. Points will be deducted from portfolio for unclear, blurry, and poor-quality photos. (Wal-Mart and Rite Aid have one-hour photo printing at their Punxsutawney stores.)

    Optional: Computer

    Students use computers for homework daily. If you own a computer that you can bring to school, we recommend that you do. However, if you can’t provide your own computer, you will be able to complete and print homework assignments at the computer lab on campus. The computer lab in the IUP at Punxsutawney Learning Center is available to all students while the university is in session.