More Information on Structure and Organization

  • To learn more about organizing your writing to improve clarity and cohesiveness, check out some of these resources.

    • Organizing an Essay discusses the importance of creating an outline and can help you avoid common pitfalls when it comes to organizing a paper.
    • The Reverse Outlining technique can help you work with a paper that doesn’t seem to flow logically.
    • This webpage On Paragraphs can help you break your text into appropriate paragraphs to make your writing clearer.
    • This page explains how Transitions are used and provides common words that writers use to move smoothly from one idea to the next.
    • Writing Transitions provides examples of paragraphs revised using effective transitions.

    Remember, you can bring your writing assignments and drafts to the Writing Center in 218 Eicher Hall. A peer tutor can help you create an outline for your paper, help you organize your thoughts, or give you tips for dealing with organization problems. Questions? Give us a call at 724-357-3029.

  • More Writing Help

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