Jones White Writing Center: Graduate Writer Services

  • Graduate Thesis and Dissertation Editing Tutorials

    We offer graduate students the opportunity to have their work edited by tutors and assistance with the iThenticate submission process. For students interested in this service, we offer:

    • iThenticate tutorials. iThenticate is a program used by the Graduate School to check submitted dissertations and theses for plagiarism and inappropriate source use and was part of the service we provided through the Graduate Editing Service. Graduate students can write to and request an iThenticate tutorial. They must submit their thesis or dissertation 24 hours in advance of the tutorial. A specially trained graduate tutor will work with them to share the iThenticate report, discuss the report, and address any issues of inappropriate source use. 
    • Thesis and Dissertation Editing Tutorials. Graduate students can schedule up to two back-to-back synchronous or asynchronous tutorials with any of our tutors to receive editorial assistance on their thesis or dissertation. If you require additional back-to-back appointments, please contact us at

    Tutorials can be scheduled here.

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    The Kathleen Jones White Writing Center provides tutoring services, workshops, and writing resources.