Graduate Editing Service: Meet Our Editors

  • Lara Hauer

    Lara Hauer is currently working on her PhD in Composition and TESOL at IUP. She worked at the IUP-Punxsutawney Writing Center as a writing mentor for two years. She currently teaches in the Education Department at Point Park University and has been editing dissertations on a freelance basis since 2016. She has also taught adult English as a Second Language, as well as high school English, French, and journalism. Her research interests include translingualism, code-meshing, sociolinguistics, and writing centers.

    Krista Sarraf

    Krista Sarraf is currently working on her PhD in Composition and Applied Linguistics at IUP. She served from 2018 to 2019 as the assistant director at the Kathleen Jones Writing Center, and from 2017 to 2018 as the Cybersecurity Writing Tutor coordinator. She has worked as a college writing instructor since 2013 and as a freelance editor and writer since 2009. Krista’s research interests include digital writing, professional writing, creative thinking, and writing centers. 

    Ahlam Abulaila

    Ahlam Abulaila is a PhD candidate of Literature and Criticism at IUP. She received her BA from the Islamic University of Gaza and her MA from the University of Montana/Missoula. After finishing her MA in 2008, Ahlam started her full-time job as English literature teacher at the Islamic University of Gaza. In 2016, she was sent by her English Department at IUG to pursue her PhD degree at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. During her academic journey, Ahlam obtained significant scholarships: The Fulbright Scholarship, 2006; the Qatari Scholarship, 2006; and the International Peace Scholarship, 2007 and 2018. 

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