Women's and Gender Studies Events

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Come hear the words and music of suffrage-era women: “The March of the Women” by Ethel Smyth and Emmeline Pankhurst, the words of Susan B. Anthony, Sojourner Truth, Ida B. Wells, and Indiana’s own Jane Leonard and composer Gladys Fisher, along with classical, blues, and jazz selections by courageous women composers of the suffrage era.

The event will feature AAUW and IUP performers including Sarah Mantel, Mary Jo Bowes, AAUW Soirée Coordinators, Gretchen Barbor, Stanley Chepaitis, Lillian Clemons, Evan Engelstad, Mary Logan-Hastings, Patricia Holmes, Julianne Laird, Elary Mede, Carl Rahkonen, Susan Wheatley, and IUP music faculty and students.

A “Suffragist Tea” reception will follow in the Blue Room greeted by AAUW hostess, Charlotte Manges.

A Suffragist Soirée is free and open to the public.

Presented by the American Association of University Women and the IUP Department of Music